ARRL Field Day 2017

It was a busy weekend at our place and I didn’t get much on-air time to operate Field Day 2017.  Seems like this time of the year I find myself coming and going with a terribly busy schedule, even though you would think that everyone would be in “vacation” mode.   Evidently not.

Had planned on taking care of some errands and “to-do’s” around the house on a Friday day off, but got myself involved in a fender bender which wound up taking a lot of time out of my calendar.  No one hurt, except I was sore the next day.   Was able to get my internet issue resolved at my house with my ISP repairman.  We’ve had no internet at the house for over a month and have been using iPhone hot spots to fill the gaps.  Wound up having to purchase several pieces of new equipment, new cat 5 cable and a new router.    Not sure all of that was actually needed – but it was several years old and I guess it was time. 

After some yard work and errands, I got on the Field Day air as “1E AR” on late Saturday afternoon and before church on Sunday. Operated from the Home QTH with generator power.  Worked about 125 stations.   Band conditions (on 20m) seemed to be very unstable.  LOTS of QSB on the band – stations were 5×9 one moment and then almost beyond copy the next.  Also, I noted that propagation was quite a bit different in the middle of the day.  I was working stations much closer to me than usual…Louisiana, South Texas, etc…that I can’t usually copy until later in the evening on 40 or 80 meters.  Field Day is always a lot of fun, I enjoy seeing all the club setups on Facebook, too.  Lots of ingenuity out there.  Next year, I plan on being out in the field to enjoy field day and hopefully my calendar will be more flexible to allow it. 

By the way, with my internet service and new router up and running, my weather feed is active again on this web page, Weather Underground, and on Twitter (@Wyman_WX).  

See you on the air. Best wishes and 73!