What do you think about a new Arkansas Ham Radio License Plate Design?

(Note:  Since I originally published this article in Nov. 2012, I HAVE gotten a ham radio call sign plate.  And the state of Arkansas can print a plate for just about every special interest group known to man…but can’t do the military style slashed zero “Ø”.  Within the last few days, the state has come up with a plan to allow amateurs to get a ham radio plate on multiple vehicles.  I applaud that idea, but I’d still like to see a more “radio”  creative design.)

The Noiseblankers Radio Group is floating the idea of a new State of Arkansas amateur radio license plate design.   I think it’s a swell idea for a number of reasons.  (Note:  The design to the left is just one of several idea posted on the Noiseblankers web site.)

The current design is simply the “standard” Arkansas license plate…with call letters in place of the normal alpha-numeric characters.  At the bottom of the plate it says “Amateur Radio”.  It’s NOT exactly awe-inspiring and for that reason, I’ve never purchased the Arkansas ham plate.

That and the fact that I’m not sure they can print a “slash” through my zero (  Ø  ).

Whether or not you live in Arkansas, It’s great to hear feedback from the ham community.   Feel free to visit the Noiseblankers site and leave your comments.   Benchmarking with other states’ is an important part of marketing our hobby in Arkansas.

By the way, good luck and have fun in the ARRL Sweepstakes SSB contest this weekend!