Green Country Hamfest Doesn’t Disappoint!

The Noise Blankers Amateur Radio Group trekked to the Green Country Hamfest in nearby Claremore, Oklahoma a few days ago.  And I must say the hamfest continues to be one of the best in our area. Our group left northwest Arkansas before sunrise in order to arrive early and not miss any bargains.  We had a few items we wanted to sell, so it was in our own best interest to arrive early to hock our wares.  We were delayed a few minutes by one of our group who explained that he “got a late start because he had to check his moonshine still and camouflage it from the revenuers”.  A daring way to start our hamfest day!

After stopping for coffee, juice, donuts, granola bars and beef jerky, the group was on the road headed west towards the state of Oklahoma.

As we pondered the beautifulness that is muddy, flat and brown northeast Oklahoma – discussion turned to important issues of our times,  such as: who lives in that really big house up there? Where does Garth Brooks live (we think it’s somewhere near this area)? and “Who is that woman he is married to, we think she’s also a singer but not really sure?”   By the way, Carrie Underwood also came out of these here parts (Checotah, OK).  With that much talent bubbling up, it’s a wonder we didn’t run across a spontaneous hootenanny, but none were to be found.

Misspent youth of a ham radio operator.Arrival at the hamfest saw us speedily identifying our swap meet table and setting up our marketplace for equipment for purchase.  K5KVN also brought along his amplifier – a Hammerlund HXL-1 – which he claims is for sale. If you’d like to buy it, it’s still for sale. I’m sure it’s a great amplifier, but portable it is not.  The hamfest also has beer for sale, a concessionary treat not overlooked at 9:52am by one young unidentified ham.   Probably a no-code tech.

Always a pleasure to visit with rock and roll legend and audio entrepreneur Bob Heil, who stopped by the booth to mock our flea market offerings.  IMG_3449If anyone tells you that true gentlemen can’t wear purple high top sneakers, they are totally wrong and probably Communist.

I had planned on bringing some QSL cards to be checked, but my wife had used up all the toner in our family printer so I could print out the necessary ARRL form which I got out of bed 15 minutes early that morning to work on. We all sold a little bit of something at the hamfest: a Dentron tuner, a wattmeter or two, a clock, and a Heathkit Cantenna filled with guaranteed cancer.  I personally unloaded some MIGHTY FINE JUNK and walked away a Ben Franklin wealthier.  IMG_2798I believe the other gents did the same.  IMG_3451Also, I never saw a card checker at the hamfest.  So all is well that ends well. We did quite a bit of snooping around for bargains and had some fun conversations with a number of colorful people. For lunch, we went down the road to the nearest Golden Corral restaurant (a ham’s “home away from home”).   A good time was had by all, except for those who were looking forward to dipping beef tips in the chocolate.   We thought it might be a trick, but it wasn’t. On the way home, many good plans were conjured including an island activation and really big DX-pedition that will probably never happen.

73 and good DX fer now OM!