Chasing DX, 6 Meters and a New Rig!

I’ve been chasing a bit of DX lately, although I’m afraid not as much as I would like due to work duties keeping me out of the shack.

This morning, the recent DX-pedition to Lesotho confirmed my QSO via LOTW.  I worked them at the end of April and was sure happy to see that one pop into the logbook.  Although I’ve not “applied” all my credits yet with the ARRL, I’ve not got 260 DX confirmations.  They sure get harder and harder the more you get.  Lots of fun to chase them, though.

Something else I’ve been chasing is the W1AW/portable stations in each state.  I believe I’ve only missed a few of them and those were the very early 2 or 3 before I even realized it was underway.  Right now, I still need to get my home state of Arkansas in the log…seems like it’s the hardest one for some reason.  Probably propagation impacting me.  Later this evening, one of the operators is supposed to fire up on 160 CW…so that might be my best bet.

As most hams who have been in the hobby for a while know, 6 meters is usually hopping in the spring time – even though the band openings may be pretty quick.  Sure enough, I’ve been lucky to make a few QSOs on 6 meters….and in fact, I am listening to it right now as I type this.  The band is really interesting as all signals will fade out…then just as quickly return.

I’ve got about 15 or 20 states confirmed on 6 and maybe 3 DX entities.  Not outstanding, but all I’m using up here on this band is a small 6 meter stub hanging off of a multi-band vertical side mounted to the house.  Now if I could get a 6 meter beam up on the tower…

Looks like another Field Day is just around the corner and the Noise Blankers will be operating our club station WR5P.   We’re looking at a 3 transmitter operation – SSB, CW and Digital – so I hope you work us.  We’ll have the live streaming web cam in operation again too…so be sure and tune in to see the Oilcans at Midnight event again.

I’ve been working on a VHF/UHF radio set up for my old Jeep and for my (new to me) Honda Civic.  Looks like the Jeep is about squared away with my ultra-inexpensive Baofeng UV-5R mounted on the shift console…with a 60 watt Motorola amp sitting back in the cargo area.  I wanted an HT so I could operate mobile, but also take the radio along on the belt if out in the woods, the lake, etc.

The Honda may see a similar set up…but I’d really like to get ahold of the new Wouxan HT with the large LCD screen on it.  Or perhaps a rig with a remote control head.  Space is sure limited in these smaller compacts like my Civic.

I lucked onto “new” transceiver about a couple of months ago.  A local fellow (whom I did not know) was cleaning out the garage and finally decided to get rid of some of his SK dad’s old gear.  So I latched onto a Drake TR-4C w/noise blanker, a RV-4C remote VFO, power supply and speaker.   Fred, WD5DKA is working on it for me right now…I’d sure like to use it on the air for a bit before I let someone else have it.  It’s really in immaculate condition and is a late serial number.  It didn’t turn on when I tried, but it sure didn’t look like too much could be wrong with it.   I also was able to secure a 1960′s era Hallicrafters HT-37 which now belongs to Andy, K5PO.  He says he’ll make it a winter project.

That’s it for now….I’ll see you on the air!

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