Arkansas OO Coordinator Blows Up Program; Starts Over

To paraphrase Popeye The Sailor, Arkansas’ coordinator of the Official Observer program has “had all he can stands, he can’t stands no more!”

20130724-091322.jpgIt seems strange to me for ham radio volunteers to be “fired”, but that appears to be exactly what’s happening with the ARRL in the state of Arkansas. Maybe a better strategy would be to simply ask for additional volunteers…instead of alienating the ones already involved? But then again, you wouldn’t get to send emails like the one below.


To all AR Section Official Observers:
As OOC for the Arkansas Section, I have to tell all of you that I am very frustrated and dissatisfied with the lack of reports, interest and simple communication from the OO’s in this section. I know you are volunteers, however you knew the responsibility of reporting BEFORE you became an OO from your study guides. Don’t volunteer for a position if you have little or no intention of reporting the activity of your duty every month as specified.

I am embarrassed to send Chuck monthly reports with the statement of “NO REPORTS” almost each and every month, except for what I might have myself.

Many of you started out really good when this became my watch, but now I get nothing from any of you, even from the new OO’s.

I think I have been patient, forgiving, and understanding, but I want results, and Arkansas does not give that one IOTA with the OO Program, or hasn’t to any extent in some time. This is, and never will be about having the title of an OO, it’s about helping amateur radio, and those who need that from time to time, and I just don’t see the “helping” part happening anymore.
Thanks for all you have done in the past, but it’s time for the Arkansas Section to move on and consider new volunteers at this time to restart this program.
Arkansas Section OOC

“Who feeds a hungry animal feeds his own soul” – Charles Chaplin
(Note: The Charlie Chaplin quote is on the email, so I included it. I guess I should also mention that I WAS delinquent in submitting the monthly reports.  Guilty as charged. But I do listen to the bands …if I had heard some agregious activity I would have reported it.  Oh well!  73!)