God Made Ham Radio Operators

Here’s a little item I scratched out after hearing the “God Made A Farmer” Super Bowl commercial. With apologies to Paul Harvey.

God said I need somebody to get up before dawn and work the gray line propagation for faraway DX. Someone to turn on the HF radio, eat dinner by the glow of the vacuum tubes, and then go to town and stay past midnight at a meeting of the amateur radio club. So, God made a ham radio operator.

I need somebody with a strong grip. Strong enough to lift a 75 pound “boat anchor”, yet gentle enough to adjust the settings on a brand new solid state rig. Somebody to pass emergency communications traffic during national disasters, help fellow radio operators raise antennas in the bitter cold, and wipe beads of sweat away during sweltering Field Day exercises. So, God made a ham radio operator.

God said “I need somebody that can shape a piece of aluminum pipe into a radio antenna, then climb a hundred feet in the air and hang it. Someone who can use a sardine can to house a low power transmitter, resurrect a 50 year old receiver and build something useful out of the scraps found in the junk box. And who, during November Sweeps, will operate non-stop, and make hundreds of contacts around these great United States…but will stop to explain the rules to a newcomer. So, God made a ham radio operator.

God had to have somebody willing to work long hours assisting with community events, someone who will “elmer” younger hams and help them pass their FCC exams. Someone who will lead the caravan to the hamfest then buy everyone a cup of coffee when they arrive. So, God made a ham radio operator.

God said, “I need somebody strong enough to tension guy wires and dig tower bases yet gentle enough to tune in a distant signal, careful enough to check a frequency for use before transmitting and who will lend a fellow ham a piece of equipment when in need. Someone who will stop what he’s doing and fill out a QSL card, put a stamp on it and mail it the next day, because the fellow on the receiving end needs it for an award. So, God made a ham radio operator.

It had to be somebody who’ll be open to innovation and new technology…remembering traditions and history but not stuck in the past. Somebody to check QSL cards for others, self police frequencies, lead radio clubs, and isn’t afraid to share what he or she has learned. Somebody who’ll set up a portable station in a remote location so others may have the excitement of making a contact. Someone who understands the excitement and allure of radio: communicating over the air!

So, God made a ham radio operator.