Spent just over 3 hours yesterday working the North American QSO Party contest (SSB) and worked just over 400 stations.  That’s a pretty high QSO rate.  I am thinking next year I need to really make an all out effort on this one and work the entire 12 hours contest. This year, as I am still recovering from the flu, I just didn’t have the stamina to work it straight through.   I did not use any spotting, skimming or cluster assistance, so I’ll be entering in the LOW POWER/SINGLE OP category.  Should be fun to see how the scores turn out.  Quite a few hams I worked on the air either follow me on Twitter @WB0RUR or visit this web page regularly.  Thanks again for the fun time yesterday and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  By the way, my on-line log book search – right side of my web page – has been updated with all QSOs to date.  

Kudos to the ARRL and LoTW.  This morning, I uploaded 400+ QSOs from NAQP (which finished less than 12 hours ago at this point).  I absent-mindedly returned to LOTW to check any confirmations…and within 5 minutes had 84 confirmations!  Those SSD drives are REALLY moving things along at LOTW.  If you’ve had issues in the past, try it again…as it’s VERY speedy now.

Hamfest season for me is around the corner.  Looks like the Green Country Hamfest in Claremore, Oklahoma will be the first one on the calendar.  It is held on March 8 (Fri) and March 9 (Sat).  It’s always a good one.  If you see me there, be sure and say “Hello”!   Always interesting programs and the swap meet is top notch! I may be looking for an HF amplifier…although a new transceiver is calling my name, too.  Perhaps it will depend on how good of a deal I get!

I’ve got early information for those who may want to attend the ARRL Midwest Convention in Lebanon, Missouri.  It is scheduled for November 2013.  The group arranging the hamfest are putting together a really great set of speakers…with multiple “presentation” tracks going on simultaneously. You can attend the one that best fits your interests. Speakers range from well known DX’ers to astronauts to industry technical experts. You will also be able to operate W1AW/0 while you are there…be sure to bring a copy of your FCC license.    I’ll be posting a power point slide deck here on my web page and sending out a Twitter link in the next couple of days.