Mapping Trusted QSL and LOTW

I recently had a strange occurrence with my JT-65 software, logging and Logbook of the World uploads.  After much head scratching, I figured out TWO solutions. Here’s what I discovered; maybe someone else is having the same issue.

I am active on JT-65 mode, trying to work and confirm remaining states on digi-mode for ARRL’s Triple Play Award.  I use JT65-HF software and installed the JT-Alert utility app.  The “alert app” provides an audible tone when the transmit or receive cycle is over. It alerts you when a needed state (or DXCC, grid square, call sign, etc) is copied on the waterfall.  It alerts you to stations calling CQ, too. 

JT-65 Alert will log your QSO into Ham Radio Deluxe (or several other logging programs) copying all needed information directly from the JT-65HF software.  However,  I maintain my log in AC Log with which JT Alert does NOT interface. After setting up a “digital mode” log in HRD, JT Alert was was inputting the mode as “JT-65A”.  After a few QSOs, I would then import the ADIF into AC Log. 

What I found is that Trusted QSL doesn’t recognize JT-65A as a valid mode and my QSOs were not being accepted by LOTW.   There are two solutions.


First option: There’s a drop down box that allows you to change what JT-65 Alert is inputting into HRD.  It’s pretty easy to swap “JT65A for JT65”.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find this solution until after I discovered how to “re-map” the TQSL software.





Second Option: In the Trusted QSL software, go to FILE >PREFERENCES>ADIF MODES.   Select ADD.  In the text field, you type the mode you are inputting in your logbook.  Then you select the mode you want LOTW to see it as.  For example, I’ve selected JT-65A (non-valid entry) ….and LOTW will read it as JT-65 (valid entry).  This way, even if I somehow input into my log JT-65A…TQSL will convert it for upload as JT-65 and LOTW will accept it. 



There may be ways to apply this TQSL feature on other modes?  If you find a useful way to use this, please leave a comment!