Great Conditions on HF This Weekend!

I hope you had a chance to get on HF this weekend! The bands were hopping! There were a number of operating activities, including state QSO parties, a US Islands challenge, a RTTY contest, several DX peditions and DX operators on the air.

As I write this, there is a great 10 meter opening underway…and I’m listening to KH2L Guam coming into Arkansas  S9+20dB!   Over the last few hours, I’ve managed to put into the log: FR4NT Reunion Island, 3B9SP Rodriguez Island, JY4NE Jordan, T30PY Western Kiribati and quite a few others!  

AQP CertificateThe Arkansas QSO Party was a few weeks ago.  I participated  and had a great time for a couple of hours.  Today, I found out via email that I took “First Place” in Washington County in my category.  I can’t imagine how challenging it must be for the Arkan Ham Radio Club to manage that event, so a tip of the hat to all those involved in the AQP.

I had a pleasant surprise waiting in the mailbox, too.  Or actually it was “tied” to the mailbox.  A box was hanging on the mailbox flag when I returned from an out of town trip yesterday evening, but I was too tired to retrieve it.  I assumed it was for one of the other family members…it was a box the size of which you might ship a large book. Sweepstakes Plaque Turns out it was addressed to me from the ARRL.  Inside, was a GREAT plaque recognizing my November Phone Sweepstakes effort last November.  What a pleasure to receive that!  As soon as I figure out where, it will get a prominent place on the shack wall.

The package from ARRL was a great reminder for me to download the latest version of my November Sweeps contest software from N3FJP’s website.  Scott does a great job with his software; I use his contest logs and his AC Log program is my primary logging software.   In case you didn’t know, Ontario has been split into several different sections. Instead of 80 sections (2011) there are now 83 (2012).  Sweepstakes is always a lot of fun…and I’m looking forward to participating again.  


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