Joplin, Missouri Hamfest A Big Success!

The Joplin, Missouri Hamfest continues to be a better, bigger hamfest each year.  It must certainly be one of the largest in the region of southwest Missouri, northeast Oklahoma, southeast Kansas and northwest Arkansas.  Held at one of the city’s convention center, it always attracts a good crowd.  Today’s group seemed larger to me and there were more new vendors and “swap tables” than I remember in the past. 

First, “CONGRATULATIONS” to Kevin K5KVN who passed his “Extra Class” exam at the hamfest!    If nothing else, the hamfest was a success because of that!  

I had several nice face to face QSOs and it was great to see so many familiar faces!  My father Bill K0DEW, Mike WB9M and the rest of the group from Lebanon, Bill K0DEQ, Kirk W5KRK and his wife Judy KF5ERQ, Ron K5XK, and many others.   And always a good lunch with Lynn KB5BY, Mose KB5BV, Fred WD5DKA, Hal K5NOW and the many others.

As I was walking the sizeable floor of the hamfest swap meet, I bumped into Bob Heil K9EID.  You may know Bob from either his Heil Sound audio products or from his internet TV show, “Ham Nation“.  We had a very nice about the Heil Sound PR-781 microphone and mic boom I recently purchased.  I get great audio reports on it and I shared a few of them with him.   I am sure he must get a lot of attention at hamfests from people such as me, but he was very gracious and chatted with me for a while.  And he had a really groovy Gibson Guitar shirt on I would love to have.

Since I had no shopping list, I wasn’t specifially searching for treasures, but I returned with a couple anyhow (of course).  First, I picked up a nice little Yaesu YS-60 watt/swr meter that is perfect for my station.  It’s a small profile wattmeter and has a good look to it, as most of the Yaesu products do.  It was a bit dirty, but it cleaned right up and I’ve already tested it out. 

Second, while I was waiting for K5KVN to finish his VE testing, the swapmeet was wrapping up.  In a box marked “FREE STUFF” I found a perfectly fine 12 VDC power supply.  Granted, it’s only 1.75 amps…but I will find something to do with it.  I mean, it was free afterall!   Who can resist that?!  Again, some spray cleaner and it looks and works fine.

The hamfest also had several seminars and a demonstration of ham radio satellite communication with an “everyday” handie-talkie. 

In all, a great hamfest – thanks to the Joplin ARC – a success on many fronts!


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