US Island on the Air, Comoros, Other Stuff!

Had a great planning lunch yesterday with Kevin K5KVN, Andy K5PO and Steve K5OY for our “Island on the Air” US-pedition to Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas (see previous post).  There’s a lot of logistical work and details to be hammered out…but we’re looking at September 30 to activate “Horseshoe Island”.  We’ll also be applying for a special event 1X1 call sign.  If you’re a US Island collector…mark your calendar!  Should be a great experience.   More to come.

Sat down in the shack for a few minutes last night after finishing some household projects to work HF and got D64K Comoros Island in the logbook on 20 meter CW (split operation…he was transmitting on 14.027 mHz).   He struggled to hear my call because of the pileup QRM. But I repeated it several times after he caught the “RUR”…and we then had the normal “DX” QSO exchange.  I’ve never understood ham radio operators who hope to work a DX station but don’t listen long enough to know if the DX is transmitting and working someone else.  The first rule of DXing is: LISTEN! 

This week, CY9M St. Paul Island confirmed via LOTW.  He made my #150 confirmation, so I submitted my application to the ARRL for the credit.  And I’m not completely sure what that means.  I gave them $6…and I THINK I get an sticker.  I really wish the ARRL would clean up the user interface on the LotW awards page.

And finally, I received notification yesterday from the section manager and division director that I passed my exam and have been accepted as an “Official Observer”.  I am hoping that will be a good experience and may lead to some other opportunities within the ARRL section / divsion in the future.



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