Drake TR-4C

After rearranging the shack a few weeks ago, I decided I would set up a “vintage” operating position.  I pulled the Drake TR-4C off the storage shelf and set it up.  Cleaned it and in no time it was powered up and glowing (tubes!).  After connecting it to my antenna system with some hastily made patch cables, it seems to receive okay and it does have transmit power.   I set the vfo on 14.070 mHz last night and used it to monitor my PSK31 transmissions from the primary rig.  On transmit, it tuned up on 20 meters and it loads with no issue. 

However the XMIT relay is sticking in the XMIT position whenever I key the rig.   I thought perhaps it was the VOX AMPLIFIER tube (6EV7), but I have replaced it and am still getting the same results.  It might be a tad better than before the new tube..but I am going to have to get some DeOxit and give the relays and pots a good cleaning. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to go back to the drawing board.  It’s a fun radio to use…and with 3x 6JB6’s in the finals it’s got a little punch on the air:  it’s rated at 300 watts PEP SSB, 260 watts CW.

As I mentioned, a friend recently gave me a couple of older Kenwood VHF radios – a TM 631a 144/220 mobile and a TM315 220mHz handheld.  I’ve got the TM631a in the car testing it.  It did require a new microphone…fortunately I had a spare Kenwood mobile mic laying in the shack.  The friend mentioned that he thought the mic was bad.  I still haven’t taken the hand-held out of the box and charged it yet.

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